I'm Hayley Pearce -  the designer and printmaker behind the scenes at The Art Room.
I am a Graphic Designer (BDes) by trade but since having two little girls I've worked
hard establishing
The Art Room so I can now work from home. 

My first prints were paper prints for children's rooms (The 'Circus Series'). Since then I've
added all kinds of products to complement the paper prints. Pillowcases are hugely popular, especially over the wedding season. Cushions are a close second.

My artwork is usually hand drawn, cut out, re-drawn, twinked out, cellotaped together,
scanned in, cleaned up and mucked around with in Photoshop before heading to the 
Print Room (Laundry/Studio under the house). I then make the film work, fill screens
and print to my heart's content.

The studio is in Beach Haven, Auckland, New Zealand and all screen-printed works
are hand printed by me.

If you have any requests or questions I'd love to hear from you. 


Hayley xx