Open Studio - 'Cover Up' Print Day - 27th June


Come and hang out in my studio and I'll help you print a few 'cover ups'. I have a lot of sweaters that I've dripped spag bol all over so I'm sure you do too - and in this age of recycling and reinvention let's keep those sweaters from landfill!

Date: Saturday 27th June 12-3pm. Coffee, tea and some sort of delicious biscuits provided.

Open studio - pop in between 12 and 3pm and bring your sweaters to resurrect or new one's if you prefer. I can print them for you or show you how and you can have a go at printing.

Limited to 3 items of clothing per person.

Screen printing works best on cotton and pure fabrics. Try to avoid synthetic fibres. Also wash first with no powder, that way the ink will cure properly after heat setting.

We'll print a couple of colours and simple shapes for maximum coverage.

If you're not in Auckland you can still purchase a spot and courier your items to me. I'll print them for you on the day :) and send them back to you.

This is intended to be casual and fun and won't be as informative or instructional as a workshop usually is.

Limited to 10 places. I'll email my address when you book.

We're in Beach Haven, North Shore, Auckland.

Yay, looking forward to seeing you!