Tablecloth - Cutlery Design


I've been trying to find the perfect tablecloth for years and finally realised I could make my own... duh.

I have done up a few for you guys too. 

The print is a random scattering of my knife and fork design. 

Here are the dimensions - measure your table and hopefully one of these options will suit :

Small: 136cm wide x 188cm length - Suits a 4 seat table approximately
Large: 136cm wide x 290cm length - Suits a 6 seat table approximately

The width is as wide as the fabric allows. However the length can vary - so if you have a specific length to suit your table just let me know and I'd be happy to order a bespoke size.

>> Fabric is thick 100% cotton drill.
>> Printed on the smooth side.
>> Print is black non-toxic waterbased ink.

I think I'll do some napkins too for Christmas - so keep an eye out :)


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